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Young children aged 6 and under, meet once a week through the winter months.
Children aged 7 to 10, meet weekly from early December through the winter months.
Youth aged 11 to 13, meet weekly in late fall and twice weekly through winter.
Youth aged 12 to 17, meet twice weekly fall & winter & travel to in Province events.
Youth aged 13 plus, meet year round for training & travel to in-Province & out of Province events.
Working with the community partners Para-Nordic participants meet once a week through the winter.
Weekly ski tours are offered through the winter. These occur on Saturday or Sunday in ungroomed areas around the Northeast Avalon.
Private lessons are available to individuals or groups of 3 or less. Available on request.
Groups of 30 can be accommodated. Equiment rentals and instruction included.

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About ANSC

Promoting outdoor winter opportunity through nordic recreation and sport!

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Promote and develop outdoor recreation participation and enjoyment through provision of cross country skiing opportunities and programs.

The Avalon Nordic Ski Club is registered non-profit and volunteer run club that offers programs and services in Cross Country Skiing. The club organizes and delivers youth and adult programs and events for both recreational and competitive cross country skiing. Through volunteer efforts and regional partnerships, the club assists in the maintenance and grooming of trail systems in Pippy Park in St. John’s. Through a grant with AltaGas, the club took a major step and has a full time head coach for program oversight and delivery. This step will elevate both the quality of programs delivered, and increase the capacity for program delivery and growth.
The ANSC utilizes the Pippy Park Trailer Park, Pippy Park Golf Course and the Upper Pippy Park Trail networks. The Pippy Park Trailer Park offers 4 km of groomed (skate and classic) trails in the heart of St. John's. There are 2.5 km of lit trails. The Upper Piipy Park trail system provides approximately 8km of backcountry trail skiing. Both the Pippy Park trail systems are available daily. Pippy Park Trailer Park offers 3.5 km of groomed lit trails, and a warm hut hut that is available select evenings and weekends.
Membership Fees
Membership fees for 2018-19*
Family Membership $80
Adult Individual $25
Student Individual $25
Senior Individual $25
President - Colin Taylor
Vice President - Jon Earle
Treasurer - Kris Aubrey
Secretary - Glenn Piercey
Junior Development Program Co-ordinator - Yolanda Wiersma
Tours - Vacant
Social - Vacant
Communications - Jon Earle
Trail/Equipment - Dave Porter
Pippy Park Representative - Jon Earle
Head Coach - Erik Charron
Special Projects
The club takes on projects on an annual basis to with a goal of improving the regions overall capacity to participate and enjoy skiing. Current projects include: the planning, financing and implementation of a snow making system in the Pippy Park Trailer Park and re-establishing the Upper Pippy Park Trail Network.
Fun & Excitement Programs and events for winter enjoyment.
Ski Tours Experience the backwoods trails of the Avalon.
Trail Networks Something to suit your mood and time frame.
Ski Trails Trails for all interests and abilities.

Shafts of sunlight glint off crystalline snow as it hangs tremulously from gnarled fingers of soaring, ancient cedars. Icicles drip lazily making random pockmarks in the glittering paradise. Nestled under the canopy of drooping boughs two small, dark figures thread their way along a pattern of criss-cross trails stitched over a quilt of perfect white.

Why take up XC Skiing

Whether you are young or old, casual or intense about sports, Cross Country Skiing has something for everyone. It offers high cardiovascular rewards without the jarring and pivoting of many aerobic sports and its smooth movements involve large muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. More than just a ski experience, Cross Country offers the pleasures of surrounding yourself in a soul-soothing winter wonderland while indulging your body in an aerobic work-out that is so invigorating there?s even an exercise machine designed to simulate the exhilaration


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Head Coach: avalon.nordic@gmail.com

General Inquiries: avalon.nordic@gmail.com

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